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Our Team

Bruin Formula Racing competes in the Formula SAE competition hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers each year. We design, build, validate, and race a single-seater open-wheel race car against teams from colleges around the world. We provide students with the opportunity to develop hands-on skills that complement the conceptual lessons taught in the classroom. Students learn how to think critically, present their ideas, and propose creative solutions to the unique challenges that accompany engineering projects.

Our History

Founded in 2012 by a group of ambitious young engineers, Bruin Formula Racing has redefined what it means to be a student organization. We pride ourselves on our commitment to continually improving our engineering process and bringing together the brightest young minds on campus. Our large and diverse membership includes students of all races, genders, and majors, working as one to produce the fastest car possible.


Aidan Hsu

Technical Director

Chadi Saklaway

Technical Director

Nikhil Parikh

Technical Director

Olivia Pilson

Finance Director

Team Leads

Malin Sapkota

Chassis Lead

Donnie Clarke

Aerodynamics Lead

Nico Hamlyn

Drivetrain Lead

Jeremy So

Powertrain Lead

Chris Kang

Suspension Lead

Tony Wang

Electronics Lead

Armaan Chopra

Vehicle Dynamics Co-lead

Alex Adamson

Vehicle Dynamics Co-lead

Olivia Pilson

Business Lead

Justin Humphreys

Cockpit Lead

Alejandro Navarrete

Marketing Lead

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