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BFR Garage

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Mk. 8 (2022-2023)

The Mk. 8 was our best car yet, adding aerodynamics while still being light. This car took us all the way to 10th place in the national competition in Michigan. We are always pushing the boundaries to stay ahead of the competition and come out on top. 

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Mk. 7 (2020-2022)

Our most successful vehicle, Mk. 7 was developed over 2 years during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, it boasts the team's first aerodynamics package, an eccentric differential, and our most powerful and reliable powertrain package ever.

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Mk. 5 (2019-2020)

Our 5th competition vehicle, Mk.5 boasts a partial aero package including undertray and radiator shroud, reconfigured suspension with anti-roll bars, enhanced data acquisition, custom impact attenuator.

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