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Our Cars

For over 10 years, Bruin Formula Racing has been producing some of the country's fastest and lightest Formula race cars. Every year, we further refine our designs and processes and improve our vehicle's speed, reliability, and manufacturability. Here's a look back, and a look ahead, at our team's competition vehicles.


Mk. 7


Technical Director: Sean Velandia

Managing Director: Sam Hilton

Financial Director: Jeremy Fernandez

Our latest and most successful vehicle, Mk. 7 was developed over 2 years during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, it boasts the team's first aerodynamics package, an eccentric differential, and our most powerful and reliable powertrain package ever.

FSAE Michigan 2022 Results:

5th Overall

5th Endurance

2nd Efficiency

6th Autocross

6th Cost Event

9th Sales Presentation

11th Design Event

16th Acceleration

16th Skidpad

Mk. 5


Technical Director: Jonathan Wong

Managing Director: Owen Hemminger

Financial Director: Scott Hoppes

Our 5th competition vehicle, Mk.5 boasts a partial aero package including undertray and radiator shroud, reconfigured suspension with anti-roll bars, enhanced data acquisition, custom impact attenuator.


Mk. 4


Technical Director: Jeffrey Wang

Managing Director: Owen Hemminger

Financial Director: Connie Cho

Mk. 4 was the first car to compete in Acceleration and Skidpad, and boasts a partial aero package with undertray, 10% weight reduction, and a poured foam seat insert.

Mk. 3


Technical Director: Dan Rivin

Managing Director: Jack Tao

Financial Director: Owen Hemminger

First car to compete in Autocross, Yamaha YZ450FX with AEM Infinity 3 Series ECU, full composite bodywork.


Mk. 2

President: Dan Rivin


First car to pass technical inspection and compete in Endurance, independent braking and suspension, centrifugal auto clutch, partial composite bodywork.

Mk. 1

President: Kevin Liu


First Formula vehicle built at UCLA. Inboard brakes, manual transmission, Honda CRF450X with EFI conversion and cam swap.

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